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Upholstery and Re-upholstery from the Oxfordshire Specialists


When you want a new piece of upholstered furniture to complement your design project, or have a treasured or antique piece of furniture which needs refurbishment, PH Upholstery is the solution. Percy Hickman is a Master Upholsterer with more than 30 year’s experience in the upholstery and re-upholstery of:



Many older pieces of furniture need more than just re-covering with new fabric. The wooden frame, springs, and cushions might also need attention before your piece is fully restored. PH Upholstery will make any necessary repairs, and can even French Polish furniture legs or other exposed wooden parts, helping restore your piece to its former glory.


For more information on the re-upholstery of your cherished furniture, or for a free quotation, contact PH Upholstery today on 01993 831702 or send Percy Hickman an email.


Antique and Modern Furniture Re-upholstery


Upholstered modern sofaWhen you have a good quality chair, sofa, or other piece of furniture, it makes sound economic sense to extend its life span by having it reupholstered.


Good quality upholstered furniture is rare in these days of mass manufacture, so re-upholstery is a worthwhile investment. You can choose to have your piece upholstered in traditional or contemporary fabric or leather. Percy Hickman and his team will be pleased to show you samples and swatches to help you match your existing furnishings.


Traditional Upholstery Methods


When you reupholster an antique piece of furniture, it is essential to use traditional upholstery methods to preserve both its looks and value. All the PH Upholsterers are skilled and have many years experience in traditional upholstery and restoring antique furniture.


PH Upholstery’s French Polisher will also undertake the renovation of antique tables, chairs, or any other wooden furniture.


If you have any queries about upholstering or restoring your antique furniture, phone PH Upholstery today on 01993 831702.


New and Bespoke Furniture Upholstery


Bespoke headboardWhen you want to create a particular design effect, or want a specific type of chair or headboard for example, PH Upholstery is the answer.


Working from pre-made hardwood frames, PH Upholstery will construct your new furniture, finished exactly to your requirements.


Bespoke new furniture, upholstered by PH Upholstery, will be the antique of tomorrow, perfect in every detail!


Cushion Interiors


As well as looking great, it’s important your newly upholstered furniture is comfortable. PH Upholstery can restore or replace worn cushions, helping preserve the looks and comfort of your favourite pieces. Whether you want feather, foam, feather and foam, or Dacron filled cushions, PH Upholstery can help.


All fabrics and cushion fillings provided by PH Upholstery comply with the latest fire retardant regulations.


Contact PH Upholstery today by email or by phone on 01993 831702 and give your upholstered furniture a new lease of life.

“Having made the big mistake of trying to upholster two classic wing chairs myself (and failing miserably!), I called in PH Upholstery. Percy not only upholstered the chairs, he also repaired the frames and polished the legs. I’ve now got two beautiful pieces which will last for many years to come. I can’t recommend PH Upholstery highly enough!”


Joyce Rugman

Chipping Norton