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Soft Furnishings


Soft furnishings - curtainsRe-upholstering your furniture might only be part of a bigger design project for your home or business premises. To complement your beautifully upholstered chairs or sofas, you might need new curtains, cushions, and other soft furnishings.


PH Upholstery Soft Furnishings Service


A key member of the PH Upholstery team is Yvonne Richards, a skilled and experienced soft furnishing specialist. From a dedicated workroom, PH Upholstery offers a complete bespoke curtain and soft furnishing service.


Soft furnishings - blindsFrom the design to sewing, and from fitting to installation, PH Upholstery’s soft furnishing team are on hand to create your dream interior.


To find out more about PH Upholstery’s Soft Furnishing service, phone today on 01993 831702 or email your enquiry here.


Wide Selection of Fabrics and Trimmings


For that beautifully coordinated look, PH Upholstery can supply a wide range of quality fabrics at competitive prices. For example:



For your free, no-obligation quotation or for more information on soft furnishings, contact PH Upholstery today on 01993 831702 or by email here.


“Percy Hickman has been a great asset to the services we offer. It's good to work with a traditional crafts person and deliver some beautiful bespoke pieces to our clients.”


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